Bridging the divide between something going wrong and eliminating or reducing its probability of reoccurrence is essential to the success of any business. Effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a disciplined method that can increase your company’s ability to implement sustainable solutions for major events as well as recurring failures. There are many ways to approach RCA and CAMS Consulting has implemented many systems and processes that resulted in successful programs for our clients. We have the ability to work with you in any capacity in your RCA evolution. Our demonstrated capabilities include:

  • Designing an RCA system from a blank sheet to a full program and process with integrated quality control and assurance
  • RCA Facilitation for a specific significant event
  • Data mining and setting up triggers for RCA based upon statistical ‘Bad Actors’
  • Training engineers, managers, and equipment owners in the RCA process
  • Building data sets of failure coding into your CMMS/EAM system
  • Integrating RCA methods into your CMMS/EAM system and workflow processes
  • Specific training, consulting and advice on most suitable RCA method of approach
  • Regular assessments that evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of your RCA program