To achieve real and sustainable improvements, the PEOPLE that perform the work in your organization are THE critical success factor. The levels of safety, reliability, productivity and profitability rest in their desire and skill level of achieving your organization’s stated missions. CAMS Consulting builds our services around the ability to connect with and transfer effective sustainable solutions to each employee and related stakeholder involved in your business. We can provide this service as a standalone offering or as part of our comprehensive approach to implementing any of our other solutions.

Development Services:

  • Providing job-specific competency guidance and metrics for evaluation
  • Developing gap closure plans to achieve effectiveness and efficiencies to benefit organization
  • Providing role-specific coaching and standard operating procedures
  • Creating Structured Work Days for streamlining work performance objectives
  • Provide recommendations for workgroup optimization to achieve business objectives
  • “Train the Trainer” programs for potential internal consultant/subject matter candidates
  • Perform side-by-side observation and mentoring
  • Creating service partnerships between departments that are integral to achieving lean, reliable and maintainable performance
  • Coach leadership on culture transformation to achieve necessary critical mass momentum
  • Consulting managers on correction process for outliers of the improvement process
  • Identify and train personnel trained to assume backfill duties