MRO materials represent a large percentage of the maintenance management budget. Many companies struggle with meeting the dual objectives of maximizing the level of service provided to the facility, while at the same time minimizing inventory and purchasing costs. The means to reaching these two goals need not be mutually exclusive. CAMS Consulting has a proven track record of providing consistent and sustainable results that concretely demonstrate cost savings as well as improved asset reliability.

CAMS Consulting incorporates a phased approached for analysis and solutions that provide significant results to the challenges of managing and procuring a diverse array of MRO material. Our solutions incorporate all aspects of the supply chain for managing material including:

  • Warehouse/Inventory Standard Operating Procedures
  • Requisition and purchase policies
  • Satellite spares control
  • Identification of critical spares
  • Kitting & Staging
  • In-stores maintenance of spares
  • Work Management integration
  • Material Issues and Returns
  • Bill of Materials development
  • Cycle Counting process
  • Material naming standardization and classification
  • Unique & Rotating Item Spares tracking
  • RFQ/RFP Process and evaluation
  • Warranty & Repair Management
  • Vendor/Supplier Quality assessment
  • Key Performance Indicator Tracking

CAMS Consulting can assist you in improved effectiveness of your materials management program. Our Work Management and Reliability practices can provide you with the ability to:

  • Assess and create gap closure plans to current materials management policies and practices
  • Develop specific strategies and tactical plans for improving your MRO management and procurement to desired world class levels
  • Provide targeted training based upon the specific needs of your personnel
  • Identify and create critical spares lists and appropriate stocking levels for your entire inventory base
  • Implement an inventory control systems, as part of or independently from your CMMS/EAM System
  • Balance business process needs considering realistic financial constraints
  • Integrate MRO materials management with RCM/PMO strategies.