The way we do business is grounded in our name:


Any work that we do involves a comprehensive approach to the needs of our client. In addition we put significant emphasis on what the client’s stated needs are as well as the visual observations made in their environment. This allows CAMS Consulting the unique ability to develop the necessary means of implementing our brand of proven, sustainable and tangible results. By paying close attention to the client’s needs from the outset, the tools, processes, technology, and consulting techniques employed are catered specifically to them, rather than the typical ‘boiler-plate’ solution.


For CAMS Consulting, Asset is not just about equipment. It is about all aspects of the business that are vital to its success: People, Processes, Equipment, and Technology. The combination of these assets are necessary factors in the methods we use to provide our means of success for past, present and future clients.


We embed this aspect of our business philosophy in multiple ways to achieve the intended results for our clients. This includes management of a single improvement project, full-scale enterprise asset management implementations, lean transformation management, risk and reliability management, and even management of change and expectations. We pride ourselves on our approach of anticipating our client’s needs along with eliminating potential issues and barriers to success.


Simply put we provide comprehensive and sustainable results for your organization. Our process fosters improvement in financial, reliability, production, efficiency, lean and safety goals.