We know the adage: ‘You must measure performance in order to know what to manage.’ As important as knowing business performance it is crucial to avoid being paralyzed by over analyzing every conceivable metric in your business landscape. CAMS Consulting stresses the word KEY in Key Performance Indicators (KPI). While everything can be measured, not all indicators are value-added when getting down to the business of actually making improvements. We structure business improvements through a proven, role-specific Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) implementation:


  • Identify key personnel that have impact on performance improvements
  • Determine the scope of the sustainable solutions CAMS and your business will implement
  • Bring to a streamlined list of only most value-added KEY-performance indicators
  • Align the selected KPIs to specific job roles and disciplines within the scope of business process
  • Set forth goals and targets for initial and long-term success
  • Create incentives for achieving business improvement goals tied to KPIs


  • Provide side-by-side coaching with KPI owners on the: Who, What, When, Where, How, and How Often on their assigned metrics
  • Work the scope of business process contracted to implement and improve
  • Integrate selected KPIs into available systems
  • Communicate and increase visibility of focused KPIs for stakeholders to see and compare to goals


  • Review past and ongoing performance with stated targets
  • Identify areas of success, reward achievement, and determine next actions to elevate further
  • Create plan for meaningfully solving gaps in underperforming areas
  • Provide status updates on performance to all levels of the organization
  • Communicate the ‘Wins’


  • Leverage best practices that can be applied to entire organization
  • Work gap closure plan
  • Work continuous improvement process
  • Increase performance level targets to higher levels
  • Provide feedback to key stakeholders
  • Limit the potential for increasing the number of KPIs analyzed