Lean operations facilitate your business’s ability to accomplish value-added results for your customers.  These resources are utilized in a manner to streamline and eliminate all forms of waste. CAMS Consulting
has implemented lean transformations for many organizations that quite simply need to produce greater outputs with fewer resources. We can work with you in the form of consulting, program implementation, and
side-by-side coaching to ensure to stamp out muda (‘waste’). CAMS Consulting is capable of instilling a lean culture that has a beneficial impact for all of your workflow processes.
Waste Elimination Services:

  • 5S Projects (specializing in shop floor operations and supporting systems)
  • Gemba walks to identify muda (waste) found in:
    • Waiting
    • Overproduction
    • Rework
    • Motion
    • Transportation
    • Processing
    • Inventory
    • Intellect
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • TAKT Time Analysis
  • Lean culture training and orientation
  • Pull-system design
  • Rapid Changeover implementation
  • Kaizen Workshops
  • Constraint elimination
  • Continuous Improvement program management
  • Six-Sigma integration