There is nothing more frustrating than paying for expensive items from a vendor only to have them fail prior to the anticipated and agreed upon lifecycle. Many organizations struggle with part-swapping and creating additional redundancies in their physical plants as a result of poor vendor reliability. In order to recoup funds and/or gratis replacement of failed assets, CAMS Consulting works with clients to implement warranty management programs. The people, process, and technology that make up this program have served many clients well in assuring their intended return on investment and profitability. For over a decade, we have
worked on projects that have realized substantial gains in cost avoidance. Most of our success is achieved by integrating a the program with documented equipment bad actors that your organization may leverage.
Implementing this system can aid your organization in reducing the total cost of ownership as well as identify system reliability issues for immediate resolution. Our services include:

  • Creating a full warranty management program, process and document for new and existing facilities
  • Data mining and collection of vendor data and associated warranty data
  • Equipment research of installation dates versus warranty expiration periods
  • Integrating warranty dates with equipment master data in your CMMS/EAM system and Document Management System
  • Configuring warranty modules/applications to trigger alerts based upon corrective work requests/notifications
  • Business process mapping for handling equipment under warranty from problem identification through supplier resolution
  • Integrated reports highlighting warranty status and cost avoidance/savings realized
  • Training personnel on managing the warranty process
  • Setup of quality assurance inspection process for incoming rebuilds and repairs of assets
  • Supplier rating and performance reviews (Repair/Overhaul and OEM vendors)
  • Preventive Maintenance program on critical stored spares to maintain warranty agreements